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CDNIC envisions to be the leading organization in DRC to drive and grow the Internet in the local and world arena. CDNIC ensure fair and open policy for the benefits of the community. CDNIC shall promote co-operation and dialogue between itself and as a representative of the DRC Internet community, Internet service providers regulatory authorities and other interested parties.


CDNIC main objectives in managing the ".CD" is: a) Harmonize the registration of domain names in DRC to ensure that it conforms to international best practice and industry standards; b) Ensure that use of domain names such as Dotcd, Dotgov, Dotint, Dotcom, including other names are consistent within the industry and/or business being undertaken by applicant/users. c) Harmonization and self-sustenance in administering domain names registration in the country. This will have the benefit of reducing the cost of administering the registration process and advancing the development and use of Internet and Internet based services with some key responsibilities such as: - Proper coordination while allocating and registering Domain Names in DRC - Arbitrate in resolving disputes regarding registered or requested names - Propagate and educate to the citizenship at large on Domain Names - Maintain a registry of Domain Names - Participate in resourcing domain name space and building Internet technology capabilities CDNIC is headquartered at the Hotel the Poste in Kinshasa/Gombe, Democratic Republic of Congo. It aims to provide quality services and management of the .CD domain name.

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