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This Policy uses the following terms:

    "Winning Registrar" means the Registrar to which the Registrant transfers their domain name;
    "Losing Registrar" means the current Registrar of the domain that Registrant wishes to transfer away;
    "Authorization Code/Domain Password" means the password which must be used to authorize any change to the domain name record in the Registry Database.
    "standard transfer confirmation message" means a message from a Winning Registrar in respect to the transfer of domain name from one Registrar to another.
    "standard transfer audit message" means a message from Losing Registrar to the Registrant to confirm that a Transfer of Registrar, is properly authorized.


Registrants are able to transfer their domain name from one Registrar to another Registrar. The following principles will be applied:

    Transfers cannot be initiated (i) within 60 days after the registration date and (ii) within 60 days after the last successful registrar transfer;
    Neither the Winning nor Losing Registrar may impose a transfer fee on the Registrant;
    A Registrant may, if he desires, renew a domain name at the same time when performing a registrar transfer, provided that the new renewal date does exceed the maximum licence period allowed by the registry;
    Losing Registrar does not have the right to delay or prevent a transfer; and
    Transfer of Registrar will not result in the lost of the remaining licence period.

The Winning Registrar must obtain a valid authorization code/domain password and to confirm the transfer request with the Registrant contact, prior to initiating a transfer.


Prior to sending a transfer command to the Registry, the Winning Registrar must:

    Receive a written request for a transfer from the relevant Registrant that includes an authorization code for the domain name;
    bSend a Standard Transfer Confirmation Message to the Registrant;
    Receive an affirmative response from the Registrant contact by letter, facsimile or email

The Winning Registrar must not provide the means for a Registrant, or a reseller acting on behalf of a Registrant, to automatically initiate a transfer command to the Registry. The Winning Registrar must fulfill the requirements listed below before initiating a transfer command to Registry.

The Winning Registrar must keep full records of the transfer for inspection by CDNIC on demand, including copies of the written request for transfer, the standard transfer confirmation message and the affirmation response from the Registrant contact. The full records are required to keep for duration of five (5) years.

Transfer that have been properly authorized and processed according to the requirements of this Policy and any procedural requirements of the Registry, will be completed five (5) days after initiation by the Winning Registrar (unless the transfer is accepted earlier by the Losing Registrar).


The Registry will notify the Losing Registrar that a transfer has been initiated. The Losing Registrar may send a Standard Transfer Audit Message to the Registrant in order to confirm that the transfer is properly authorized.

If the Losing Registrar sends a Standard Transfer Audit Message, it must be send the message once only, and within two (2) days of receiving the transfer notification from Registry. The Losing Registrar must not attempt to delay or prevent the transfer. If the Registrant does not respond to the Standard Transfer Audit Message, the Losing Registrar must not persist in efforts to obtain a response to the message. The Losing Registrar is not allowed to reject the transfer request if there is no response from the Registrant.

If Losing Registrar received a response from the Registrant that the transfer has not been authorized, the Losing Registrar may reject the transfer. If CDNIC determines that the Registrant has not authorized the transfer in accordance to this Policy, CDNIC will reverse the transfer. Circumstances under which this might occur include where the Winning Registrar, or an appointed Reseller of the Winning Registrar, has breached the terms and conditions of the Registry-Registrar Agreement in order to secure the transfer.


The Losing Registrar must not impose a transfer fee on the Registrant for transfer out their domain name. The Winning Registrar must not impose a transfer fee on the Registrant. However, if the registrant chooses to renew its domain name as part of the transfer process, then the Winning Registrar may charge a renewal fee.


A Registrar shall transfer all domain names under its management to CDNIC accredited Registrars within thirty (30) days, if it ceases to be an accredited Registrar due to suspension or termination of accreditation status, by following the procedure outlined in this Policy.

Under these circumstances, the Registrar shall immediately give notice to its Registrant to inform them of the status. The Registrar shall cooperate with and render whatever assistance is required by other accredited Registrars to ensure that they take over the Registrants who have not changed to a Registrar of their choice. The CDNIC may also post notice of such suspension or termination on its website.

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