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The objective of the Code is to promote and protect the interests of the domain name registration industry, Domain Name Suppliers, registrants and customers by:

a) establishing minimum standards for dealings between Domain Name Suppliers and registrants;

b) ensuring that registrants receive accurate, complete and timely information concerning domain name registrations, renewals, transfers and solicitations;

c) preventing practices that undermine the reputation of the industry and the interests of registrants;


It is mandatory for all Domain Name Suppliers to comply with the code of practice herein without exception. Accredited registrars are responsible for enforcing the code of practice with their appointed resellers.

A Domain Name Supplier must use reasonable efforts to ensure its employees; agents and contractors are bound by and comply with this Code of Practice. Nothing in this Code of Practice is intended to derogate from any rights or causes of action a person may have under any law of any jurisdiction.

Domain Name Registrations and Renewals

Domain Name Suppliers must not register domain names on their own behalf for the purpose of cyber-squatting, hoarding, reservation, speculative, or any other abusive reasons. Unless the domain name is for the Domain Name Supplier's own use, Domain Name Suppliers must only register a domain name at the request of a customer and renew a domain name at the request of a registrant.

Domain Name Suppliers must ensure that the registrant satisfies or continues to satisfies the domain name eligibility requirements of the CDNIC set out in the domain name registration policies when handling a domain name registration or renewal request. Domain Name Suppliers are only allowed to register or renew a domain name for a period not more than the maximum term allowed by CDNIC.

Contact with Customers

A Domain Name Supplier must not send a renewal notice to a Registrant, or any other communication that might reasonably be construed by a Registrant to be a renewal notice, for a specific domain name unless the Domain Name Supplier:

a) is the registrar (or a reseller of the registrar) of the Registrar-of-Record for that domain name; or

b) has been contacted by the registrant to do so.

A Domain Name Supplier for a specific domain name must make reasonable commercial efforts to advise the registrant at least 30 days prior to expiry of a Domain Name of the need to renew it. A Domain Name Supplier shall advise the registrant on any change of its status, including any change of association of a reseller with a different registrar.

If the Domain Name Suppliers receives a Complaint about the accuracy of WHOIS data, it shall on receiving, or receiving notice of the Complaint make reasonable efforts to contact the registrant to arrange for the information to be corrected.

Data Privacy

A Domain Name Supplier must not disclose the registrant's .cd domain data information, including but not limited to the .cd domain name, registrant, contact persons, name servers, registration, expiry and billing information to any third party for any reason or purpose.

Fees and Service Offerings

A Domain Name Supplier must clearly describe the registration service it will provide to registrants and the fees for the service. If a Domain Name Supplier provides products bundled with other goods or services (whether related services such as hosting or forwarding services or otherwise), then the Domain Name Supplier must specify the unbundled price of each product.

Domain Name Suppliers must provide customers with information about its products that is clear, accurate, complete; and not confusing, misleading or deceptive. Domain Name Suppliers must publish on their website, and observe, a written complaints handling process which is to be available to all customers at no charge. Domain Name Suppliers must deal with complaints within a reasonable timeframe, and must advise complainant of the outcome of the investigations of the complaint.

Domain Name Suppliers shall uphold the integrity and reputation of Democratic Republic of Congo's Domain Name Industry.

Code Enforcement

Alleged breaches of this Code will be dealt with, by CDNIC under its Complaints Policy. A breach of this Code is a breach under the Registry-Registrar Agreement and may result in the suspension or termination of the Registrar's CDNIC accreditation or the termination of the Registry-Registrar Agreement.

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