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Start a new domain with CDNIC


In a registry-registrars scheme, a number of registrars would act as registration agents for companies and individuals to register their domain names via an online registration system. In a multi-registrar environment, a registrant may need to transfer his domain name registration from one registrar (losing registrar) to another (winning registrar).

For security purposes, a domain name password is necessary to facilitate a domain name transfer. A domain name password plays a pivotal role in ensuring transfer request is initiated by a legitimate domain name holder and not initiated by a bogus person attempting to sabotage or steal (hijack) the domain name. The domain name password would be acceptable proof to the winning registrar, that the requestor is the domain name registrant.

To ensure that a password is sufficiently complex, the password must conform to the following requirements:

    It must be at least 6 characters long but less than 16.
    It must contain at least one digit and one alphabet.

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